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I work across multiple kinds of art media including product design, ceramics, painting, illustration, art photography, interactive computer software (virtual reality, visual FX, UX/UI).

I was born in Moscow, Russia to Armenian/Russian family of academic engineers. In 2009 I moved to South America and for 3 beautiful years I lived in Ecuador, relocated to the artful Los Angeles in 2012, and now I live in the always busy San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Master of Arts in Graphic Design from Moscow State University of Printing Arts
  • Master of Science in Computer Science from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

  • professional experience
  • Industrial designer at Switcase
  • Industrial Designer (injection molding) &
    Art Director
    at Rolsen Electronics (leading Russian producer of consumer goods)
  • Unity/3D Guru at a Virtual Reality startup Microtrip VR
  • UI/UX for Ethereal that allows you to draw in the air with your bare hands using Leap Motion hardware
  • Demiurge at Anastasiy Panels — popular software for creative professionals called MagicPicker used in Disney, Blizzard and many other studios

  • awards/shows
  • Russian Top 100 Industrial Designers (Grohe v.2007)
  • 4 Honorable Mentions from International Photography Awards in Los Angeles, USA
  • 6 solo art shows in Cleveland, OH, Hartford, CT and San Francisco, CA

  • hobbies
  • Art
  • Craft
  • Adventure Travel
  • Surfing

  • Feel free to browse around my works and if you want to contact me, click here.

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