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I work across multiple kinds of art media including product design, ceramics, painting, illustration, art photography, interactive computer software (virtual reality, visual FX, UX/UI).

I was born in Moscow, Russia to Armenian/Russian family of academic engineers. In 2009 I moved to South America and for 3 beautiful years I lived in Ecuador, relocated to the artful Los Angeles in 2012, and now I live in the always busy San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Master of Arts in Graphic Design from Moscow State University of Printing Arts
  • Master of Science in Computer Science from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

  • professional experience
  • Demiurge at Anastasiy Panels — popular software for creative professionals called MagicPicker used in Disney, Blizzard and many other studios
  • Industrial Designer (injection molding) &
    Art Director
    at Rolsen Electronics (leading Russian producer of consumer goods)
  • Unity/3D Guru at a Virtual Reality startup Microtrip VR
  • Software Engineer for Ethereal that allows you to draw in the air with your bare hands using Leap Motion hardware

  • awards/shows
  • Russian Top 100 Industrial Designers (Grohe v.2007)
  • 4 Honorable Mentions from International Photography Awards in Los Angeles, USA
  • 6 solo art shows in Cleveland, OH, Hartford, CT and San Francisco, CA

  • press
    "Photographer Anastasiy Safari's jaunts to the Orient are captured in more than 20 snaps, on display .... One of the photos depicts a Tibetan kitchen at midnight. "It has a really reddish-orange color temperature when he uses natural light. It's very intriguing, because everything looks like Hell's Kitchen. And in some of his landscapes, you can almost see the ghosts of the people who used to live in the area," says Matt Cook, owner of Studio of 5 Rings. "There's depth in what they say and what they don't say"... read more — Cris Glaser, "Cleveland Scene"

    If this show were a "safari," Anastasiy Safari would be the annoying guide who never stops talking. ... The Infernal Smile of Moscow" is a wide, nighttime exposure of a narrow canal or park lined by traffic-filled streets on both sides. Distorted through a fish-eye lens, the scene becomes a giant, red-lipped mouth, grinning dementedly as it emerges from the darkness around it... read more — Zachary Lewis, Exhibition in Loganberry books

  • Art
  • Craft
  • Adventure Travel
  • Surfing

  • Feel free to browse around my works and if you want to contact me, click here.

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